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Mental Fitness 

What is mental fitness?

Defined as your capacity to respond to life’s challenges with a positive rather than negative mindset.

Using research-based tools to strengthen the part of your brain that serves you and quiet the part that sabotages you. You can handle life’s challenges with a more positive mindset, and less stress.

Improving your mental fitness has an impact on three key areas in your life:

  • Reaching peak performance
  • Discovering peace of mind/wellness
  • Creating and maintaining healthy relationships

The Positive Intelligence Program is designed to grow the three core mental muscles to thrive in challenging times.

Mental Fitness

About the course

Your Mental Fitness Coach, Caroline Wagner uses the Positive Intelligence Program, designed to help executives and leaders improve their mental fitness, assisting them in adapting to changes and challenges within the workplace, and their personal life.

The program is supported by a unique online platform and delivered through a mix of online content, videos, and personal coaching support.

Developed from the results of Factor Analysis Research, it was determined only three core muscles are at the root of a person’s mental fitness.

  1. Saboteur Interceptor
  2. Sage
  3. Self-Command

Discover more on toning these muscles using proven techniques to improve your mental fitness and thrive in your career this year.

The Positive Intelligence Program runs for 6 weeks and includes 1-hour weekly video, daily practice on the app, reading chapters of the Positive Intelligence book provided, and supports your long term success with a mental fitness coach for an entire year.

Want to know more?

If you want to learn more about the 6-week Positive Intelligence Program or are ready to begin working with your own mental fitness coach, head to CreateWays or contact Caroline Wagner.

Learn to thrive in challenging times by improving your mental fitness today.

Mental fitness is your capacity to respond to life’s challenges with positive rather than negative mindset.


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