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About WorkHaven

Domestic and Family Violence (DFV) is a significant social issue in Australia. 1 in 4 women and 1 in 16 men have experienced physical or sexual violence from an intimate partner since the age of 15. Furthermore, intimate partner violence is the greatest health risk factor for women in their reproductive years and on average one woman per week loses their life as a result of intimate partner violence.

The impacts of DFV also impact the economy and workplaces. The total annual cost of violence against women and their children in Australia is estimated to be $22 billion. And recent research uncovered that 48% of people who are impacted by DFV said the violence affected their ability to get to work.

At Willbe&Co, it is clear to us that workplaces offer unique scale, presence and influence, yet despite their desire to support a broad range of social commitments, they understandably struggle to provide relevant and meaningful support to this particularly challenging and complex issue. This is where WorkHaven can help.

To learn more about WorkHaven, visit www.workhaven.com.au

Why it’s important

Cause For Concern


Up to 70% of women who have experienced violence, or are currently experiencing violence, are in the workforce.


The percentage of victims and survivors who reported feeling distracted, tired or unwell.


The percentage of respondents who reported experiencing DFV said the violence had affected their ability to get to work.

Billion dollars – the current estimated cost of DFV on the Australian economy each year.

*Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics
**Source: 2011 National Domestic Violence and the Workplace Survey

What Can Be Done

Formed by corporate leaders with lived-experience, WorkHaven is committed to developing a zero-tolerance culture towards domestic and family violence. WorkHaven’s pioneering approach positions workplaces at the heart of its strategy and provides a platform to deliver and rapidly-deploy evidence-based, tailored and scalable solutions national and internationally.

We recognise the impact on a victim’s ability to perform at work during Domestic and Family Violence, and the direct and indirect implications on their career, their team and employer. With this in mind, through WorkHaven, we offer a program that supports survivors as they seek to rebuild their life and career. With the ability to complete online, this program will ultimately support thousands of people across Australia, in multiple languages, delivering a profound and invaluable social and economic benefit.

"Our range of services have been carefully designed to help support, educate and empower employers and employees, as well as guide them in championing meaningful and effective activities across their workplaces and communities."

David ‘Will’ Wilson, Director of Willbe&Co

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